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Hello from East Tennessee

Emrie G

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Hello hello! I am new to the forum, although I've been watching Aquarium Co-op's YouTube for a few months now. I was excited to find out that there's a forum since I was growing up just when forums were going out of fashion and missed the format. Anyway, I'm still a bit new to fishkeeping - two years in April - and learning all I can! I mostly keep bettas, but also have some platies, danios, and corydoras.  I'm one of those people who likes to pick up injured or otherwise imperfect bettas and try to give them the best life I can. Also dabbling a bit with breeding platies as, per usual, they are breeding themselves whether I ask them to or not. 😅 I'm excited to be here, talk to other fishkeepers, and learn more! 

(Also here is a picture of Miss Valentine, very upset that she is not getting snacks.) 


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