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Panda Cory Eggs


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So a couple of hours ago I made a post on Facebook asking some panda cory spawning questions.  Literally about an hour after posting it I collected my first eggs!!  I think I got my answers lolol. Just wanted to share my joy mostly and make sure my plan for the eggs makes sense.

I have left them on the spawning mop the fish laid them in. I had taken 1 off to look at it, then decided it might be safest to move the entire mop rather than individual eggs. I have set up a split 10-gallon and am planning on setting the whole mop in there until they hatch. I was totally not expecting this at all!  I have watched videos where people incubate in a jar and add stuff to prevent fungal build up. Is that necessary or will I be ok setting them in a tank?  Dw, I'm gonna be watching a few videos tonight to learn myself, but it always helps helps get feedback from people who have done it!

Edit:  I realized the 10 gallon tank I set up has gravel in it and not very smooth gravel. Should I barebottom it?

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