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DYI aquarium lid/top


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The glass top that I got for my aquarium wouldn’t work with the HOB filters I picked out. So searched for aquarium lids/top. The one I liked best was the double walled polycarbonate panels used in green houses. Ordered some and searched best way to cut said panels. Everything from band saws, table saw and razor knives. I chose the razor knife, thinking would be less waist of material and razor would make a smoother edge.

‘It worked ok but wasn’t real happy with the results and had to make multiple passes to cut through but would do in a pinch. I decided to make part of it removable to ease in feeding and water test without taking the lights off then removing the whole top. So I wanted to make about a 4” removable door with a 3M hook for a handle. I decided to try my cordless dremel with a tiny saw blade attachment. Wow glad I did, a much better and easier way to polycarbonate panels. Placed a straight edge were I wanted to cut and followed it👍🏻 Piece of cake. 



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Cool. I have never seen that stuff before.

I made a front part of my lid with a piece of acrylic and the darn thing just warped with the tank heat.

I needed something with a hole so I could use my feeder while traveling. 

I ended up finding hole saw drill bits for glass and it worked great. 

Is that double wall super stiff ? 

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