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What is this on my tank wall?


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Snail eggs definitely. My bladder snails when they lay on glass/hard scape the gel sac is usually kidney bean shaped and lacks the individual chambering around each egg that this one has. Hope that helps. Welcome to the forum  

Bladder snail eggs on plant. 


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So far, in my tanks:

Pond snails lay a very firm (firmer than silicone) linear egg sack, where the egg deposits look like parallel rows, with the actual eggs alternating in the two rows.

Bladder snails lay in a distinctive kidney shape, as Guppysnail showed.

Ramshorns deposit perfect circles of egg sacks.

I'll try to find eggs in the tanks, the endlers tend to eat them before I can find them. 🤷‍♂️ So unless I am lucky enough to have the camera *when* I see one of the snails laying, I don't have much of a chance getting the picture😁

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