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Fish Tank Crash

Marc D

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What a disaster.... I woke up to all of my 10 angelfish gasping for air. Prior to this...I have been dealing with what I think is a type of fungus, their pectoral fins have been shredded and have white cotton looking patches on them. I cleaned the tank and filter media on Saturday, removed the carbon filter and medicate with maracyn. I medicated the entire tank (3 packs for a 30 gallon). I noticed my water being a little cloudy but just thought it was from the medication. I completed two doses so far (Saturday and Sunday) and this morning (Monday) I noticed all my angles have inflamed gills and redness where the body connects to the pectoral fins. This symptom was not present yesterday. This time I dosed with ick x because it helps with fungal infections as well as another round of maracyn. I never have ammonia spikes because my tank is over 3 years old and I just did a 25% water change on Saturday however, I did check for ammonia (of course after I medicated) and it's .25 ppm. I did an emergency water change. A few went belly up, so I moved them to a bucket that is being filtrated. I haven't medicated again since I did so this morning before I did an emergency water change, i know I know i know... it doesn't make sense. They were fine last night at 2 am when I was done working in my study. I'm not sure what is going on. 
So, I guess my question is.... what caused this... The medication, the fin fungus, ammonia? Do I continue medicating?
My current water parameters 
PH: 7.2
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 0
Kh: 4ppm
water temp: 81.5


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Stop medicating do daily water changes add a double dose of prime detoxify any ammonia till reads zero the shredded fin was more then likely caused by a water quality such as ammonia and nitirte aquarium salt will help as it helps with Gill function and adds essential electrolytes 

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Update.... I lost three so far and another one that is questionable. I'm not out of the woods yet, but the above suggestions have helped significantly, thank you all very much.

I am using aquarium salt with my water changes. So hopefully whatever is attacking my fish will be handled with the salt. I did notice something attached to the caudal fin (reddish looking and something that looks hair like but not) and what appears to be fungus on both pectoral fin and ventral fin. This was the main reason to medicate. Any idea what these are? 




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