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Best way to vertically mount Aquarium Co-Op Air Pump


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I have two of the Aquarium Co-Op Air Pumps, and I want to mount them to the side of the wood stand I built.

They have a metal clip on the back. Has anyone mounted them this way, and if so, how did you do it?

Sadly though, if I mount them this way, the Co-Op logo will be upside down. 


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omg, on your belt? That seems silly. 

You could use a good thick rubber band from the belt hook to a screw on the stand. If you do it right it wouldn't look to bad. 

A wire tie would work too, easily adjustable so you could make it fit nice I think. 

How about a thick wire tie cut to the right length screwed to the stand, Make it the right length and it will be hidden under the pump. Just run small screws right through it to mount at the ends a few inches apart. 

Basically you need a mount of sorts to hang the pump on. 

That is a silly mount for sure, what where they thinking??

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Originally it's meant for more like a bucket or a tote. If I was going to start the process to find the best way to mount them. I'd be finding further ways to isolate vibration. I might try like a board with 2 screws that stick out then tie twine onto each one, then hang it from the tine to see if that would even further isolate the vibrations that the feet do. Also you could screw the screws in or out to get the perfect sitting of the feet.

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@Greg Stewarthas that cord wrangling thread going.  In it, he posted some clips that might work.  I was happy to see one of the types of clips he posted since I had just purchased some after the original discussion came up about cord management.


I think you might be able to attach these horizontally, then hang the pump from it.  Maybe double up on them for extra strength.  Greg can probably speak better about if they’re strong enough to last.  I haven’t used mine yet since I’ll be moving my rack to another room and I’ll be using them at that point.

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On 2/21/2022 at 9:17 PM, Wrencher_Scott said:

omg, on your belt? That seems silly.

That was my immediate thought, as well 😉

Honestly, for a pump of that size, I think any hanger with no elasticity will simply transfer vibrations to the material you're hanging it from.

@Cory's laundry drying technique might work, but you'd need two posts to string it between, far enough apart to keep the motor box from touching anything. Then you have the birds to worry about.

@MarkM's elastic hair tie idea is probably easier, as long as you have a space to suspend it from where the bottom feet don't touch the cabinet/wall/post/etc.

And,I think the logo being upside down is the least of your worries 😉

True vibration isolation mounts are huge and 'spensive, though. I can't see a reason to spend more on the mount than you did on the unit you're isolating.

It's the "touchy-feely" part of mounting an air pump motor that increases the noise. So, keeping it in "mid-air" as best you can is going to keep it as quiet as possible.

@Odd Duck linked to my creative, yet eye-destroying, cable management graphics. And, you'll notice that I switched from those boxy pumps to Aquarium Co-Op's bright green dangly miniature USB pumps (I have one on my 5 gal, and another on my 38 gal, they are virtually silent--honestly, the bubbles they create pop louder than the motor vibrates).

Those adhesive cable management clips, though, will probably not last with the weight and vibrations of that motor housing. You'll probably be waking up at 0300 wondering what crashed and started dancing around your living room. I would suggest a screw hook to hold it, at the least.

Keep in mind, even if you manage to remove any transference of vibrations from the housing to the material it's hanging on, those boxy motors will produce a certain amount of noise you just can't get rid of.



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im adventurous with things like this. id be tempted to remove the screw from the clip, and if needed find another longer one same thread, drill a hole in the board line the hole in the board up with the one in the pump and screw it down. making sure not the screw is not so long as to enter the pump housing far enough to damage it. attempt at your own risk, just an out of the box idea.

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