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Good or bad idea? Thinking about putting a "moon lit pond" in the front of my 55 tank.


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The stand for my 55 tank has a self a few inches below the tank. I have been daydreaming about keeping an curved area front and center bare on the glass bottom and putting some LED lights under it, so it looks like a pond reflecting moon light after dark. The lights would not be very bright, and would only run for a short time after the real lights go out. I think it would be fun to watch some of the "after sunset" activity in the tank.

Has anyone ever done anything like this? Did it bother the fish or the plants or anything?

I am thing about using a curved strip of plastic backed be large stones on each side. Then have smaller stones/pebbles going to the "shore" of the "pond", with sand at the edge.  I might put an arched piece of driftwood over the pond with java moss as "Spanish moss" hanging down.

What do you C.A.R.E. forum folks think?

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