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Greetings from Western Australia

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Hello everyone, I've been reading this forum for a few months and decided it's time to participate.

Been watching plenty of Aquarium co-op videos over the past year and learned so much. Looking forward to learning and sharing with other members here 😃

I got back into the hobby in 2021 after many years away. Enjoying it way more this time around, especially planted tanks. I've had plenty of free time due to lock downs and less work and have accumulated a few too many tanks over the past year.

I currently have a 40g planted tank with harlequin rasboras, green neon rasboras, strawberry rasboras, ember tetras, endler livebearers, bronze corys, one bristlenose pleco and plenty of red cherry shrimp.

A 23g planted tank with hundreds of red cherry shrimp.

A 16g planted tank with yellow cherry shrimp and a bristlenose pleco.

A 10g planted tank with celestial pearl danios and red cherry shrimp.

A 23g tank currently used for growing plants and a 12g tank waiting for me to get inspired.  Oh and a 5g quarantine tank.

Definitely no space in my home for any more tanks, 

You can see some of my tanks in the video links below. I only decided to give video creation a try 2 weeks ago, very much a novice at this 🙂

Looking forward to learning and sharing with all the passionate and knowledgeable members here. Peace 🍀





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