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Interested in Canister level results with Internal Filtration Only


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I have a 40 gallon acrylic tank which I have just taken the scratches out of, a couple of Angel fish and some smaller fish. Concerned about night time noise from canister, and the possibility of strong water flow and angel fish, looking for canister clean level of water maintenance.

I have two possibilities for spotless water:

1) run the Ehiem canister during the day and your large sponge filter around the clock. What do you think of running canister only in the day time?

2) Go internal. The Ziss filter looks interesting, but may not quite do the job? Sponge filters work but don't clean the water that well. You have a power head shown to top a sponge filter? Can it top anything else. Any ideas regarding Ziss or your power head?





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I run fluval 07 canisters I would have to put my ear to to hear. The way I set my outflows guppy fry cpd fry and all fish are fine with most of which do not like current.  Putting it right at the surface pointed up causes ripples across the surface but very very mild flow in the tank. The 07 have adjustable flow so it can be as gentle as a sponge. I’m happy to take photos in the morning if you would like. I know that was not your original question but I’m not certain of how to get canister level without a canister 

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