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Mystery illness that I can't figure out


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So, I had something running through this 20 gallon that I couldn't figure out. First 3 Von rio tetras that had been in for a year died, then 2 rose danios, then 2 Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis. All fish looked fine before and I only saw one Apistogrammoides on the way out swimming erratically. Finally got a video and phots of this danio with an odd red mark on both sides. 

Ph: 7.1

Ammonia 0

Nitrites 0

Nitrates 20

Temp 74









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On 11/21/2021 at 8:26 PM, Brandon p said:

My trio has been in this tank 10 gal for about 4 months they are always in a cave. I have a clay pot with hole drilled, a the round cave from aquarium co-op and tossed a plant waterer the ones people use for pleco caves. Should I take one out. Also agesize mating can’t happen. The male looks full grown


On 2/20/2022 at 8:14 PM, Colu said:

The red marks look like a bacterial infection I would treat with kanaplex in food 


Thanks! I'll give it a shot! 

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