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Angel with Tumor


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My female Angel Fish has a tumor on her gill. My research seems to indicate that causes for tumors are hard to diagnose other than thyroid tumors. From the pictures of thyroid tumors I don't think this is what it is. I have watched tumor removals on The Fish Doctors channel. Fish Vets are hard to come by. 

Anyone have any experience? How long do you think we have? Anything I can do to help her out?



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@Cory @Ben Ellison I keep her in 55g. The only fish she bickers with is her male partner. It is a bit of a busy tank with 5 adult Dwarf Neon Rainbows, 2 juvenile Dennison Barbs, three adult Yoyo loaches, a breeding colony of Hillstreams and 3 Rummy Noses.

Once my 14 female bettas in my 30g are quarantined I can move her in with them. That would be quieter. Or I can remove the male to a 35g male guppy tank immediately. Would removing her mate cause more or less stress I wonder?

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