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Nano overflow idea


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Want a hang on overflow for a project I'm working on, unfortunately commercial overflows are still a little to big. I figure I will make one out of PVC. . . but I have some questions. First where to source all black pipe and fittings. also what are maximum flow rates for something like 1/2" and 1/4" inner diameter pipe and tubing? I wont be putting a ton of flow through this and want to keep as small as possible.

My idea is a hybrid of theses 2 videos I found (disclaimer: I did not make these videos, nor am I affiliated with their creators.):

first cut any "excess" off the elbows and caps of the PVC


Then assemble this piece and cement it together


next cut the top off said piece to limit it's height


then use a piece of flexible hosing or bent PVC to form the "syphon" portion of the overflow.



then cut or drill my desired overflow height. . .


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I did exactly this with 1/4 PET "ice maker" tubing as the siphon tube.  I trickle water change my 5.5g through a filter that takes the chlorine out so i never had a flow issue.


I used white PVC that I spray painted black.  you have to look for ABS drain pipe usually if you want black.  at least in the USA.

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Irrigation pipe and sometimes PEX pipe are black. Both are at most hardware stores. You can start a siphon with each size pipe to measure max flow rate. But keep in mind the max flow rate won't be reached in the overflow pipe until the water level reaches a certain distance above the overflow height. Maybe a couple inches.

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