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Blue green algae?

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I’ve just bumped up my lights and have noticed the algae pick up in my tank. While doing a water change and cleaning the glass, I noticed this algae on my spider wood. The snails and Ottos will not clean it. It’s not slimy and doesn’t smell. I’m worried it  might be blue green algae. Any suggestions? Thanks so much! 



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This appears more like green dust algae as it does not have the circular disc appearance of green spot algae. If it can be wiped off with a bit of elbow grease it’s dust algae. If it needs scraped off with a credit card razor or plastic razor it is spot.

edit to add

i was able to find this for youhttps://www.2hraquarist.com/blogs/algae-control/how-to-control-green-dust-algae

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