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Alternatives to replace bloodworms, looking for suggestions.


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Hi, I noticed I had a small welt on my finger after feeding freeze dried bloodworms. I had San Francisco Bay brand, omega, and hikari. I hadn’t touched the Hikari.

I saw a welt on my finger and then realized I had sneezed about 4-5 times after feeding. I’m not looking to push it after having read that allergic reaction is common when feeding bloodworms. 


I’m looking for an alternative to blood worms for feeding. I saw the hikari had about 55% protein content. Looking for something to replace them.

Current fish: Guppy, bristlenose pleco, whiptail catfish, Amanos in 29g. 

in 10g: guppy, Platy, white clouds, honey gourami, 


29 gallon has mostly breeding guppies. 

Current foods I’m feeding: xtreme krill flake, hikari algae wafer, hikari carnivore wafer, aquarium coop fry food bottle, freeze dried tubifex worms, tetra color flakes, hikari crab cuisine, and hikari fancy guppy. I also have a pestle and mortar for grinding if needed.


Side note, would tubifex worms fall under the same category as blood worms? Potentially allergy from them? Haven’t noticed problems from those, mainly bloodworms.




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