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Rainbow Shiners Journal

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Started keeping record from 2017

This is where is Story started ...lol

This photo are the breeder from back then, very little blue flaking and very small amount of blue of their fin. Everyone was have decent conformation.



Here is the breeder male now 2022, mix age


Here's the yearling female



Created this journal just to see where am at and update you all with future photos.

Please share your photo also and LETS MAKE THIS FISH POPULAR! 

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On 5/4/2022 at 11:44 AM, hannah662parker said:

I love these fish!!! I want to do them in my new 60 gallon goldfish tank alongside a school of white cloud minnows someday. Has anyone ever kept these species together? Any opinions on this mix?

They do fine..just give them a shallow area where they can rest or hide at night from the goldfish

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