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Which fish should I get


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Hi, looking for opinions. This is my 38 gallon planted tank and looking to add one more fish species to complete it. Here's what I have:
9 green neon tetras
10 black phantom tetras
Amano and red rili shrimp
kept at 74-78 degrees
2 HOB Aquaclear 20 filters
pH 6.4
GH 300ppm
I'm thinking either 2 pearl gouramis (potentially both female to cut down on aggression) OR 6 threadfin rainbows (2 male, 3-4 females). Which one do you think I should get? Or do you have a better idea? Thanks!

38 w neons, phantoms.jpg

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Gourami are a great choice and there are a good variety to choose from. I have a pair (male and female who have tried spawning) of coral gourami in one of my 34g tanks with 11 black phantom tetra, 11 cardinal tetra, 10 panda corydora's, 6 otocinclus and some amano shrimp (not sure how many lol) and have never had any aggression issues with them. 

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