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Intake Sponge to the rescue.


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Sun-sun canister I've had been running on my 55g tank for the past 5 years sprung a leak. Luckily the leak had quite literally started as I walked into my fish room as I only had a 4" water spot to cleanup. 

Around the same time I purchased the large Intake Sponge from the co-op. Turns out that intake sponge is exactly the size of a small and medium co-op when stacked. 

In a hurry I cut a hole into the top of the sponge and put it around the guts of the sponge filter then hooked it up to a USB air pump. 

A week later and I've had zero change water parameters. Thank goodness I've been wanting to get rid of that canister for a long while but was always worried about losing the cycle.




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