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Building My Fish Room in Garage


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I’m building a fish room in a 9’8” x 9’8” kickout area of my attached garage. I’ve installed electrical outlets, insulated the attic above the space, framed out, insulated and dry walled the fourth wall. My plan is a gallery type set up. What do you think is my next step in this build?

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Thank you Lefty and Struggle. Yes, I have a hot and cold water source in that space, see photo. For drainage, I have a downspout off of the roof that drains into a black ADS corrugated pipe that runs underground. That drain is just on the other side of the cement/cinder block outside of the garage. My thought was to drill a hole in the block and install a pvc pipe that runs into that drainage pipe outside. 

Thoughts on that?

Thank you in advance.


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