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Can I feed goldfish bbs?


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 Almost a long story, cut rather short:

I bought a fish tank that came with 4 goldfish. I found someone who wants the goldfish in a week or so.

I am hatching baby brine shrimp tonight. Is it OK if I feed goldfish baby brine shrimp? The food that came with the goldfish was expired, and I think the nutrition from the bbs would help them deal with being moved twice, but I have never had goldfish and want to be safe, not sorry, so I am asking you nerms? Other than bbs, I was going to feed them Xtreme flakes, until the next owner can take them.  The next owner has been keeping goldfish, so they should be fine when they get there.

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Goldfish like food they are not fussy, depending on their size (trying to imagine filling my ft long fishes) BBS might not satisfy their appetites but I'm sure they will enjoy the protein boost. 

Many will eat peas and other veggies (mine did not) as an option. They will probably love the flake food .

They just like being fed.

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