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There was an aquatic vet three day virtual conference earlier this year that I heard was great with applied research for our needs (basics and advanced). Resources from that conference are still available to those who registered.

Just heard of their next event in August in Australia. I think this one will be focused on parasites?

AUGUST AQUARIUM VET CONFERENCE https://www.theaquariumvet.com/confer...
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Has anyone found the Merck Veterinary Manual online to be helpful?

They have an array of information about fish health.

Page on Fish Diseases


Fish parasites

https://www.merckvetmanual.com/exotic-and-laboratory-animals/aquarium-fishes/parasitic-diseases-of-fish?query=fish parasite

Nutritional diseases 


Viral diseases


Fungal diseases


Bacterial diseases


Also much more info on types of diseases typical for different families of fish, fish nutrition, fish anatomy, and fish health management, and the environmental factors that contribute to disease (e.g., tank parameters).


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