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Advice on which plant to choose

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This is my first post on this forum.
I am new to planted tanks. I am looking for a good beginner plant that will grow tall as a background plant. I have a 29 gallon and recently put in a Java Fern and a Windelov and some Java Moss. I like the idea of rhizome plants because they can move around if I decide to change things up or for maintenance, but I am open to suggestions. Beginner and easy are my two key words! Also, do you have to gravel vac a planted tank? What about one with just rhizomes, since technically they are not “planted”? Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

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I like movable plants as well. For background there are many types of aponogeton some narrow leaf some wider. Very beautiful tall bulb plants that require nothing more than to be sat on top of the substrate with decent light. I use no fertilizer or co2 and they do lovely for me. The second is A. Longiplumulus (sp?) thin leaved first ulvaceaus (sp?) broad wavy leaves  I vac  there are varying theories on this  but if you do not have enough rooted plants it’s best to vac in my opinion  A47D773A-1FD4-46AC-87D3-6401537BB44C.jpeg.fa915b7c0dfba786b55dd1882044ae1c.jpeg8CD3AD0E-C67C-4316-BFE2-EBA2638308D5.jpeg.f21a36ae59b121f998825df7c0780841.jpeg

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