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fish which look good under white lighting


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Usually fish with more blues or iridescent coloration will look good under a higher kelvin/cooler light, while fish with more reds may look better in warmer lighting. I like the look of white fish under warmer lights as well. 6500K is still on the cooler side though, so you will still see more blues.

I think it is really a preference of the aquarium keeper though. If it is non-planted tank, go for the look you are seeking. 

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Dwarf neon praecox rainbows 🌈 would be a better option then the boesmani - I would reserve them for 3 foot tank or longer whereas dwarf neons in a tank 2’ or more would work. The other group of rainbows you should look at are Pseudomeugil- gertrudae, luminatus, etc are exceedingly beautiful and fun fish to own. 

If you want to go really nano the blue Axelrod rasbora, the green neon tetra (really they are blue), and there are some gorgeous ricefish in that white to blue tone like Miyuki. 

Not nano but absolutely stunning and blue is the Electric Blue Acara. I got one over the Christmas holiday and he’s gorgeous. Smaller Is the apistogramma borelli opal and trifasciata. 

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