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Experienced help needed angelfish


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Hello all, 

I have a very experienced fish keeping friend who has some sort of semi-quick moving disease affecting his angelfish in two different tanks simultaneously. The photos will be below. My experience is limited to goldfish but I know this behaves differently then carp pox because it is limited to the nose\mouth, it’s growing fast but not causing other obvious signs of distress, he has them all in a quarantine tank now, he is planning to use heavy salt and I recommended maracyn 2 in the off chance it’s bacterial however I am suspecting viral?. 

I also recommended that if he is comfortable enough to lance it, peroxide it, and triple antibiotic it then to do so, but that’s not a treatment I’d recommend to anyone who hasn’t done these sort of things before. 

any ideas? We could use the help! 

@Colu I know you know a lot about fish disease, ever seen this before? 





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 don't think that's lymphocystis that usually starts on the fins and then the body it's more than likely a viral infection as it affecting multiple angelfish in the same tank you can do is treat with antibiotic medication such as maracyn2 in food as the active ingredient minocycline has been proven to be affective at sinking some  type's of lumps and add some aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 2 gallons to help provent any secondary bacterial infections he how I dose maracyn2 in food 1 quarter of a packet of maracyn2 1 scoop of seachems focus 1 table spoon of pellets one cap of garlic guard few drops of water mix well feed twice a day for 7 days store any leftover medicated food in the fridge I would also add a UV steriliser as well that will break DNA chain's of viruses and bacteria to stop them from reproducing disinfect any nets or other equipment that has come into contact with this tank to stop it spreading to other tanks also the fact that the growths are around the mouth is concerning that could stop them from eating if they get worse then I would contact a vet 

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Thank you all, I think I was able to find the diagnosis doing a deep dig online after posting this, I think it to be lip fibroma, which is viral and not treatment, I found many sites that state if cut it will bleed and never stop bleeding. But one website said it can be removed if your then cauterize the area, which is above my skill level, we don’t have many fish vets by us so there may be no treatment for these poor fish 😞 

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