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Moldy eggs or something else?

Karen B.

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I collect Clown killifish eggs and I put them in a mix of dechlorinated water, parents aquarium water and parents aquarium water with soaked catappa leaves. I sift the water so no debris gets in the little bowl. Here is my settings (top left) which is a round glass bowl, a air tube and it’s placed in a container that’s heater (so the water is around 77f)


I collect about 10-15 eggs a day and I used to hatch a lot (about 30-50 fry) but my last batch, only about 10 hatched and 2 survived.

Here is what my eggs look like after 2 days. Is it mold or just some kind of debris from the catappa leaves?  (Same eggs, different lighting)
What can I do to improve my hatching rates?


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@Karen B. I also have found success using a single neocaridina to eat fungus, and infertile Killi eggs. I call it my “nurse-droid-shrimp.”


If you watch carefully here, you’ll see a red neo on the sponge filter where these f. scheeli Killis hatched out. I use cut-off chick-fil-a clear team gallon containers.


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