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Green Hair Algae Help

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I made a noobie mistake and added some plants without doing a very thorough inspection. And have been battling Hair Algea every since. Any tips on getting rid of it? I am constantly pulling it off but it’s just not helping at all. Recently fish have started dying with no signs of damage or illness at all. Can they be getting stuck in the Algea and struggling? The only fish we are loosing are the Peacock Gudgeons, Tetra and Corydoras. 

Stock List (75 gallon Fluval Canister Filter, and Co2)

Pearl Gourami

Harlequinn Rasbora

Neon and Cardinal Tetra

Cherry Barbs

Panda Corydora

Sterbia Corydora

Oto Cats

Peacock Gudgeons

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To clean hair algea you can easily pull it off manually without a unused tooth brush or my favorite tool twist it around a pipe cleaner. As for fish dying they can get caught in it and die but only if you have a massive infestation! But without more tank info it is hard to say what is killing them

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water tests this morning (did both API Tests and Aquarium Co-Op Test Strips)

PH 7.6

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 20

KH 75

GH 25

75 gallon aquarium (2 Bubbles per second Co2), good flow for Oxygen levels, stock list above in original post tank is definitely not over stocked. Fluval Plant Substrate. Been running for 6 months.



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What's your lighting schedule? Can you add something like Siamese Algae Eaters or Amano shrimp to take care of the algae? 

I personally haven't figured out how to completely remove green hair algae from my puffer tank even with a lighting adjustment so I just remove as much as I can manually. I think what's left looks kind of pretty though. Ha! But it's only on my hardscape now. 

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