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Salutations from Oklahoma yahooo!

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Hi everyone.  Been watching @Cory ,s pod casts for a while.  Placed my first order with the co op this evening. Looking forward to receiving the Viss hatchery.  It’s got to be much better than the soda bottle and light bulb I’ve been using this past year.  (It works😄) Though I will still need to heat it some way.
I own just 4 small aquariums all for catering to guppies    My love is the indigo blue, Blue Dragons with black Dumbo ears.  My stock are small and I’m slowly Line breeding for a larger size.  
There has been limited success   There in the middle Bottom is a male larger than his father and brothers.  he has all the traits I’m breeding for.   Not much a success but its a start.  This is a male only tank.   Unfortunately I lost all the large females from this line during a water change accident.    Still waiting for the younger girls to mature so I can start culling and breeding again.  Though I did also out source a couple Of females in case  there is a need to pull from a different gene pool  



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