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ember tetra losing color almost see thru


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pH 7.6

nitrates 25

hardness 300+

nitrite 0

ammonia 0

kh/buffer 120

water temperature 75

hello everyone I have a problem with my ember tetra one passed away today and it was swimming sideways had a big belly like bloat but it didn't have any color and u could see its spine and insides like it was going transparent I have another one that is starting to look the same way the photo is not a good one but u can see how the spine is starting to to be seen the tank has been set up for over a year I have had these guys for about a year I do have orange shrimp in the tank as well any advice would be greatly appreciated 


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I seem to remember seeing something similar in ember tetras loss of colour and going clear it was cause by a parasitic infection I would treat with paracleanse it's shrimp and snail safe do 2 courses of treatment 2 weeks apart you might have to do a third course depending of how your fish respond to treatment

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