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Ornate Rainbow Tank Mates

Kate H

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I have 5 ornate rainbows in my 10 gallon, heavily planted tank. Now that they've been doing well for awhile, I'd like to add some fish. I'm not sure what if anything might work well in a small tank with a fairly territorial male other than more females of the same species. Can I add other small rainbow varieties? Corys? Or is there something else that will help clean up the significant waste without creating conflicts or overloading the tank. 

My water is pretty hard and the pH is around 7.4. Nitrates are stable. I also have a couple of nerite snails in the tank. The fish are 2 - 2.5 inches full grown.


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yeah, I'd say stick with what you have.

If you ever get em in a bigger tank, here's what I recommend:

Pseudomugil furcatus

Pseudomugil signifer

Phalloceros caudimaculatus

Melanotaenia maccullochi

all of these fish have been found in Australia (Phalloceros is not native but is still found there), so you won't have to worry about twisting parameters. If it works for your rainbows, it'll work for these guys.

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