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New Females!


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I just wanted to share my excitement. I got myself a birthday present. (Birthday is on Sunday).  I know I should be more patient, but after 4 months I kinda gave up on the female I had. If she wasn't a petsmart mutt I may have given her more time. I had been thinking of getting my male some red dragon females for awhile anyway. I decided on blue dragon. Figure that way I'll get both coming out! Male is likely mostly a mutt but he's a dead ringer for a red dragon so I figure he might have enough of the red dragon genes to make some pretty babies with these females. 

If you saw an earlier post, the male had been a little unhappy with me taking his tetras buddies out. I was expecting these females next week but I'm super pumped they came today!  He's already happier!  His color is back, his eyes are no longer big, black and angry, and he's following his new girlfriends around. 

I have to say, for my first experience ordering fish online, I'm super happy. I'm surprised at how well it works!

I'm pretty sure I know the answer but I wanna ask just to make sure. The females seem younger. Def old enough to be sexually mature but just not fully physically mature. There's no issues I should look out for with that is there?  They are actually even smaller than the male right now. 

Adding pics of all fish mentioned. 



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