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What are these yellow balls and where did they come from?

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Today I was doing maintenance on my 20high planted tank. I found some of these before but assumed maybe they were corydora eggs?

In this tank is

3 panda Cory's, 3 julii Cory's, 1 speckled Cory, 6 kuhli loaches and there WERE 5 harlequin rasbora before they were transferred to my girlfriend new 20long.

After I finished my maintenance I checked on my gf and she asked me about some little yellow balls that were in her tank. They looked just like the ones in my tanks! I couldn't find any good answers other than they're probably fish eggs. 

Thing is, my gf tank is still new, the rasboras were the first and only animal in there besides shrimp (these balls are WAY larger than shrimp eggs). I haven't been able to find a good photo of rasbora eggs but I read they're attached to the underside of leaves. These balls were buried in the sand/gravel until we each did some maintenance.

Any ideas? Both tanks are planted with Java Fern, trident fern &dwarf sag.


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Photo is sideways. Eggs are in center of photo next to corydora.
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