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New Male Guppy Behaviors


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Idk if I should he concerned about my male guppy or not. The past 24 hours he has had the black angry eyes, seems to have lost a little color, is not very active, and is just floating at the top of the tank. He is not gasping for air at the top, just hanging there. I have tested the water twice and it's ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 20. 

There is only 1 thing that has changed since this behavior started and they coincided with each other. I moved my 6 glo tetras into a different tank and added a honey gourami in with the tank he is in. He also has a female guppy (more females coming in the mail. I know its the wrong ratio. Long story. Petsmart is not smart), and 7 panda cories with him in a 29 gallon tank. 

Should I be concerned?  Is he maybe just adjusting to the change and will be fine in a few days?


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I've had the guppy in the tank for 3 month. 8.2 PH been that way for the entire 3 months. The swap of the tetras and gourami happened about 24 hours ago. 

I actually just noticed he's looking better in all ways. Maybe just stressing adjusting to the loss of his buddies. Maybe when I get the females in a week he'll perk up even more.  Sorry. Maybe false alarm lol

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