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20 gallon high community tank

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I have had this tank for a couple years now. Have randomly put in plants and deco over time. The wood piece is nice but it just didn’t look right where it was at. I also wanted to increase the amount of hiding spots smaller animals could go, like shrimp. 
So, I came up with this. Still a work in progress, aren’t they all. I took 2” PVC and cut a small section in half, sanded the edges so it wouldn’t damage any fins and created hideouts for the smaller ones. Also, took some rocks in the back yard and built up an area for the lava rock, creating another hiding spot. I do have shrimp in the tank but they are using the heater suction cups as hiding spots. As they get bigger,🤞, I wanted them to have other areas to go. 
For plants, in the back are Amazon sword, pogostemon stellatus octopus, water sprite and moneywort. The rest are Java ferns, Anubias barteri and a couple crypts that I hope will take hold. 

PS—trying to add photos but it keeps putting them upside down🤔

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So, here we go. Just about a week after changing things around, plants are starting to take off. The big guys in the back are growing and sending down shoots to the gravel! Stem plants are adding new leaves and my red root floaters are multiplying. Took a bunch of floaters and put in the six-gallon betta tank we have along with a cutting of wisteria. Java ferns have quite a few rhizomes starting and the anubias are showing signs of new growth. So exciting!  
Since the start of this, I have hung my light from the ceiling, giving some space from the top of the tank. I have also set the timer to have the lights on for only four hours at a time, twice a day, with a four hour break between the two. The other eight hours is at night, light off, so we can sleep since the tank is in our bedroom. 
Tested the water today, 0/0/0.  No water change today! Just topped off for evaporation. Check again later in the week. Added a dose of Easy Green and Easy Carbon.  
All my residents seem to be in good spirits. My new additions, four Corydera Julii, seem to be full of energy. Don’t want to be too far from the older corys.  




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Has been awhile since I last posted. Have done some minor changes with the stem plants and added some Brazilian pennywort along with dwarf water lettuce. Trimmed up the back plants so the floaters could be moved around with the additional air stone I added last week. Needed additional movement and air flow. Also, added a shrimp feeding tube to help keep the substrate clean and makes cleanup so much easier! The corys like to hang out in the dish. Their personal buffet. 



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