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I only have a Nerite Snail but their are babies everywhere!


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I recently got a nerite snail from aquarium co-op, as shown in the image.  I have only added the snail and new gravel to the tank.  The gravel was dry when I bought it.  I have no clue how the baby snails could have got in there.  The only plants in the tank are ones that I took out of my other tank, which is baby snail free and has two other nerites.  Can someone please explain to me what is going on?

Screenshot 2022-02-07 190127.png

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Congratulations, you're likely about to experience an all out snail invasion. They're good housekeepers but all can breed like crazy if there's lots of food for them. I spent months manually removing bladder snails from my 75. But then I put in some 'no planeria' and they're all gone. I had no idea that it would kill all the snails. Personally I love Ramshorn snails though.

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On 2/7/2022 at 8:21 PM, elsa.eve said:



i also found this when looking around the back of the tank, not sure if its alive because it has no antennae or eyes.  Again i don't know where this snail came from, it is not the nerite


Top 2 are little bladder snails, they probably came in on plants as eggs. If they get bigger than your pinky nail, I misidentified and it's a baby pond snail. All my pond snails are lighter and more speckled.

Bottom one is a spotted ramshorn.

@Guppysnail has gotten me hooked on snails, and our pond snail, Pebbles, has won over my spouse


My favorite thing about the pond snails is they aggressively clean leaves of everything, and have yet to hurt healthy leaves (damaged leaves are eaten before I get a chance to prune), and each snail has a different personality. 

Plus, the spots are like snail fingerprints, every pond snail has a different pattern.

What makes them so expressive though, is their antennae look like batwings, and convey inquisitiveness, joy, and "yum" as very different reactions. 

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