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Silicone Residue Removal


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Apologies if this has been answered in the past.  I have a used 3.7 gal Imagitarium kit tank that's been in storage that I removed the internal filter compartments. The compartments came out ok, but left stripes of silicone residue.  I've been razor blading it off, but there's still stripes of residue.  The more I razor blade it, the more it just gets streaky and kind of greasy-like.  Maybe it won't show up when it's filled and scaped, but I was wondering if there's some safe product to remove it.  Would this be white vinegar?  Didn't want to use Goo Gone or something harsh like that.  If vinegar is the ticket, could white or red wine vinegar (for cooking) be a solution?  I don't have any normal vinegar for cleaning.

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