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Settings for Fluval nano plant light


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Hey everyone! 

My Fluval Flora is a beautiful tank. Happy and healthy. Very green! I have mainly ephiphytes in it, Java Fern and Anubias. Some Hornwort to remove the bad stuffs, and some developing Cryptocoryne Balansae for texture. I love this tank. I am using the Fluval nano plant light (this is NOT the 3.0), which is adjustable with the phone app. This can be a powerful light (it's for plants, after all). And I'm noticing a lot of black algae (not BB, don't confuse the two) growing on the leaves directly beneath the light. I have, on occasion, scrubbed this off with a glass-cleaning pad, but it's not perfect, and of course, the stuff just grows back.

My question is: If anyone else uses this light with their tank (the Flora is a 14g cube), what do they set it at, keeping in mind I have mainly epiphytes? I have included a shot of my own settings for reference. 

Thanks in advance!


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Hey yannachka. The posts I looked back at were for the Fluval 3.0, not the Nano planted. Also, the Fluval planted nano DOES have the pro setting, you just have to update to get it. Mine has it, if you look at my settings. 🙂

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