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On 4/4/2023 at 6:26 PM, Cmike15 said:

What are they eating? all live foods? i'm looking to raise some killifish this year. Your annuals look very brightly colored.


I do feed them live foods early on, yes. (1) Vinegar eels (2) Micro Worms (3) Walter Worms (4) Banana Worms (5) Baby Brine Shrimp.

But they graduate to frozen foods (Daphnia, Brine Shrimp, etc.) and some daily flake foods too.

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It’s BAP submission day for my Nothobranchius rachovii. Lost a few batches along the way. These are tricky to get right!

Water parameters are very caustic, given the peat, diet, water change schedule, etc. At 6.0 pH, Ammonia is Ammonium. Going forward, I am eager to try other hatching methods. But for now, the large Sterilite containers worked _Ok_.


The most satisfying thing is seeing how results from an earlier hatch are maturing…



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On 4/22/2023 at 8:53 AM, Schuyler said:

How many do you need for a BAP in your club?

10x after 1x month from hatching / free-swimming from a single hatch / batch / spawn / brood. There are some very difficult fish that can be exceptions. 

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