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Frozen Food Feeder


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I was watching a video of Dean’s Fishroom the other day and he had a little feeder that he used to get frozen cubes to the bottom of the tank. I’d like to utilize that to feed my cories frozen worm or anything really, just to get it to the bottom so they can have some tasty treats. It was a DIY rig, and he and Cory teased they were going to explain how it was made, but I’ve not seen it. Here’s some pictures from the video that I pulled:


Any idea what he used to put this together?

Thanks, gang!

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That plastic thing is the worm feeder coop sells it looks to be on a string or wire.   However I get frozen bloodworms, mysis shrimp, plankton and live Bbs to my Corys pretty easy. I drop thaw the cube in dechlorinated water takes about 30 seconds. (I rinse through an Artemis’s sieve but not needed) have water and xyz thawed/live food in small container. I suck it up with an acrylic coral feeder turn the filters low and slowly spray t on the bottom. It stays in a pile bbs start to spread). Then my panda and Pygmy feast. I use these two each has a different size  tip opening. 



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