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I saw my angel fish laying on his side


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I saw my angel fish laying on his side on 01/31/2022 and now it is 02/02 and since I first saw him, I put him in my quarantine tank with epsom salt because I think it might be his swimming bladder and he has shown no improvement at all, is there anything I am missing or something else that I can try? Thank you for your help!!!!(His name is smokey and his lady Monet is missing him very much and needs him back home)



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Swim bladder can be caused by over eating and the stomach putting pressure on the swim bladder a bacterial infection of the swim bladder it could have injured it's swim bladder in that case it might not recover if Epsom salt hasn't work I would treat with kanaplex  a broad spectrum antibiotic  if he's still eating I would add it to food I would also check your water parameters just in case something off


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