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Shrimp and Snail Sunday - Show Off Your Invertebrates!


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1.  Malaysian trumpet snails in angelfish grow out. Tankmates: platinum parelscale angelfish

2.   Ramshorn snail in a second grow out tank Tankmates: Sterbai corys, 4 very small L333 plecos wild caught. 3 L333 plecos tank raised just over two inches.

3.  Blue mystery snail in 20 gallon Amazon tank. Tankmates: neon tetras, corys, blue eyed bristlenose plecos and ramshorn snails





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Amphopods, mating



Carbon rili on hornwort (I should have put a wonder shell in this tank, even with my liquid rock. My colony would not have crashed when I got sick).




This hitchhiker (and 3 siblings) came in on some azolla I bought. Luckily I carefully quarantine and sort my plants before putting them in tanks. I fed mosquito larvae to the fish, and any I didn't catch were easily picked off by these guys when they were in larval form. 

Now I have damsel flies in my rack system, eating bugs out of my terra plants😅



My favorite snail buddy!

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