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My plants came a day early!


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I was in the process of getting my new 20g long tank ready yesterday. Plants were set to arrive on Thursday. Set myself up so I could finish the set up on Wednesday. Flash forward l, plants came on Wednesday morning and sat in a box outside in 45 F weather. They look rough. I’m worried they didn’t do well in transit. I put them in the tank I had running to test leaks and get the wood soaking so it wouldn’t float. I turned on the Fluval 3.0 I have for the tank and set it at 45% across the board except 3% for blue light. As you can see I don’t have it nearly set up. Looking for advice. Thanks! 







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Nothing looks too awful.  There’s some breakage, maybe some cold shock, but a lot of that looks like it will do OK, but might take some time to recover.  There’s always some transition time anyway since many plants are grown emerse and they have to transition to submerse.

Email or call your provider and let them know that some things look rough since they came earlier than expected.  See what they want to do.  Most will ask you to watch them and let them know if they don’t do well.  Some will immediately replace anything you don’t think will survive.  It depends on their DOA policy.  But do reach out and let them know ASAP that there might be problems.

BTW, Aponogetons always look rough after shipping.

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