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Need help identifying parasite on DG


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Hello fish friends,

I have a young male dwarf gourami who has a gray dot on one side only for 4 months. This dot seems to be under his scales and it morphs at times into a whitehead like bump and once that bump turned  into white cotton sticking out. The dot sometimes changes a little in shape but there is only one and it doesn’t move. 
I have treated him in a Q tank with:

Maracyn (columnaris)2 cycles

No change

Paracleanse (skin flukes)2 cycles

No change 

Expel-P (internal parasites)2 cycles

No change 

I am currently in week 2 of a treatment of  microbe lift (anchor worms fish lice)

so far no change 

10 gal tank 77 degrees


0-5(I dose with Prime if above 0)

Nitrites 0

GH 300 (well water)

KH 80

pH 7.2

Chlorine 0

To be honest, the last fish I need is a male orange gourami because I already have 2 others, but this fish is the only one with this pest and I’m determined to figure out what it is.  

Any ideas of what I might want to try next?  Also do I need to not feed him during treatments?  I have been feeding him minimal amounts 2x day and vacuuming bare bottom tank out every 2 days because he isn’t growing  

Any help appreciated 



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Have you got a better picture it difficult to see what's going on I wouldn't add more meds as you don't no what he suffering from meds can be very stressful on an already sick fish also any flashing white stringy poop rapid breathing and what's your ammonia levels and temperature

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