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Struggling Monte Carlo - need advice

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I have some struggling Monte Carlo plants can you help?  They have melted back or seemed to dying with little or very little new growth.  They are a month old from the coop and I have just placed a second root tab in the rock wool.  The tank had CO2 and is allowing for some pearling of other plants.  I placed the plant in the plastic in eco complete substrate in 80 degree water that has some hardness and no ammonia.  Ph is neutral as well.  The tank is a 32.5 gallon Fluval with and aquasky light set to 10 hours of varying light intensity.  Your thought are appreciated.   Tedrock.

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I would remove them from the pot and place them in the substrate. I would check CO2 levels and make sure you have enough. I would also stop using root tabs with Eco Complete and look for a comprehensive fertilizer to dose the water column. 

What hardness is the water? What is the KH? 

Can you take a picture?

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