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Help! White movers on glass!

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gawd, i now have millions of tiny white dots on my glass, and they are moving!

20 gal long near the end of fishless cycle, plants in substrate, a couple floating..

I've been adding sachem stability for a few days on the advice from lfs.

I'm fertilizing easy green, and fish flakes twice a week.

i put in a piece of mangrove root saturday after giving it a good boiling water rinse..

i was so close and now i am starting to panic at this infestation..

any advice gratefully received!


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Scuds, seed shrimp, freshwater copepods are benign in most freshwater systems. They are not ideal in a shrimp tank although I know shrimpers who love them and have no issues. You should google those and see if there is a resemblance. Depending on what you plan to stock in your tank they may be very happy to have them as a food source. If you were enterprising you could take some of your gravel, plant trimmings/cuttings and tank water and put them in their own little tank and use them as your first live food!

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well, i got home early this morning and.. no white movers!

After further research i think they are detritus worms..

My nerite snail was all over the new piece of mangrove root and the water looked clearer..🤔

Im gonna test again in the morning..

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