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Bettas with discus?

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Hello everyone,

I currently have a 75 gallon that will be restocked soon. My question is, can bettas get along well with discus? I recently lost my 4 discus due to parasites but I love them too much not to get more. My stocking idea is Denison barbs, discus, bettas, and some sort of clean up crew. Would this work? I have never put multiple bettas together and I don't want to screw it up with my other very temperamental fish. Any tips with housing multiple bettas together? From people like KG tropical, all of their bettas were sisters when living with each other. Is this necessary? An example of what I am hoping my end result will look like is similar to the youtube video below. How does this sound? In her video she has male bettas, female bettas, and discus in one tank. How could I do the same thing? I really appreciate any imput. Thanks!


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Anything can be done. The question is is it worth it? The problem you'll run into right away is possibly temperature, then next would be the dension barbs getting the food before bettas. Next would be aggression between the bettas. People often struggle with discus, adding things to mix makes this harder for most. 

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I saw an individual who kept a 90 gallon with discus, angels and a single betta along with corydoras. Keyword there: single betta. Even then, he said the tank wasn't without its squabbles.  He'd  had to remove angels that paired up because they became disruptive. He'd had to change which betta he kept in the tank because one of them went after angels/discus fins and subsequently got its own tail bit off. 

Its not a tank I'd personally do. Too many combative species. And that was with a single male betta. I certainly wouldnt do it with a harem set up. That's just asking for a three way turf war.

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