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29 gallon, low tech tiger barbs kuhli loach common pleco

Laura R

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This tank about one year old. Lots of oak leaves keeps it somewhat acidic meaning water changes or occ'l Equilibrium needed monthly-ish to keep pH relatively stable at 6.5-7.0. (Hard Indiana well water)  Common pleco about 9 yr old from Walmart. :). Tiger val, anubius, bolbitis; few crypts, java moss, P stellatus octopus, ramshorn snails, tiger barbs, kuhli loach one mystery snail. 

I had creepy cool leeches from hornwort pond plants added in some tanks but not this one thanks to common pleco. Hornwort was removed when I found these creepy/ cool dudes.


Other photo


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I tried to get a few more photos but my tablet camera is not going to work and the fish keep moving! I will give overview photos for now AND I have the opportunity to upsize some tanks and get more livestock from a fellow fish keeper...so things may change. 

I will start in my fishroom that I share with play space for my 2 yr old grandchildren. Note the grates on larger tubs so kids will not get inside. 

The tub is appx 40 gallon and was awesome for a fancy goldfish and moor about 8 yes old with platys. I had a troubling encounter with leeches from pond plants I introduced. Both goldfish and many platys died . I broke down entire tub discarding plants, substrate and salting any rocks and wood.  This tub is heavily planted for Florida flagfish, but that delivery did not happen. Now have 5 corydora, sand substrate, rainbow platys, 2 opaline gouramis. Occ'l Lego's from grandkids playing "does it float or sink."

.The small tub is 4 gal quarantine, currently has some guppy fry and extra plants.


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This area across the small fish room has a 16 gal bookshelf tank that I love. Currently has 3 large bronze Cory that have spawned several times last year. A few fry have survived for me. Also male platy, rasbora het (can't spell harlequin?) Blue cobra guppy. Many plants. 

Below at bottom of desk is about 8 gal. Jardinières with breeding cobra guppy colony and other mutts. Plants and submersible led light with sponge filter. Can you see the Lego box above the jar?

Also on desk is 2 gal with tiny pea puffer, cherry shrimp, ramshorn and bladder snails. It has under gravel filter, dwarf sag, guppy grass, moss balls and an algae blob. It is doing well.

The 10 gallon has female platy, and albino corydora, with anubius, wendelov java fern, dwarf sag, snails. Also an enjoyable ta


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This is about 15 gal tub with submersible led and sponge filter. There are 15-20 female guppy-some are huge. Some fake grassy plants as I figure out lighting. This tub looks like viewing a clear mountain lake from above; The guppy swimming about remind me of trout (but smaller)!



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Last one! This is part of the kitchen tank near the patio door. The small jardinières has guppy fry growing out, it is 1.5 gal with some snails, guppy grass and emersed papyrus (baby tut?). 20 high has male mutt guppy and will be adding 3juvenile bristlenose pleco to grow out. This tank also had leech infestation. Recently broke this tank down, salted hardscape, baked the substrate to sterilize then reused. Groot holds dwarf sag with anubius and java fern, moss balls, spider and cholla wood. 

Hope you all enjoyed. Hopefully will get some better livestock photos. Rosy loach tank with shrimp is cool...will try to capture!



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