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Plants for 5.5 and 10 gallon

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I have a 5.5 gallon with a betta and some tiny mid dwelling fish with a few shrimp inhabiting the bottom all are currently happy with lots plants and a catappa leaf but was wondering what would be found in a betta natural habitat or good plants for them that I could get here or at a chain store (like PetSmart) or a local fish store ? In addition some good plants for the shrimps?


I also have a 10 gallon community tank:

some tetras and Cory’s and was looking for some good plants in there as well 


I have some plants in these already (mainly in the 5.5 gallon) but wouldn’t mind adding a few more and so I know for the future! 

note: I also have a light on my 5.5 gallon and looking to get one on the 10 as I add plants so would appreciate a good light recommendation as well! 


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@Fishy101 I really like the plants from the big box stores that come in the tubes- If you want a pest free tank they pretty much guarantee that. They don't sell a lot of variety usually though what they do sell is actually decent quality and mostly easy to grow type plants. When I want Java Fern or Anubias I check there first and if you don't already have those I highly recommend them (just make sure you buy the tubes that say AQUATIC PLANT because some of them say SEMI-AQUATIC and those aren't meant to go underwater). There are some plants that are harder to find but Co-op sells quite a few- I've had really good luck with a couple Etsy sellers that grow plants above ground and are shipped to you as stems- you can float them for a while until they grow roots and plant them or just stick them right into your substrate and see what happens- pretty much all but 1 of them (and that one was a freebie bonus) has thrived for me. 

I can't speak to what might be in a Betta's natural habitat but there are betta keepers here who may be able to answer. 

What I would say that for your shrimp- try and find some Subwassertang- that plant is TRULY interesting and shrimp love it!

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I haven’t looked into Betta biotopes, but Crypt pontederiifolia is a good sized Crypt (Asian origin in a broad sense of the word) with wide leaves, striking bright green color, and would be a good small tank substitute for Anubias or sword plant (which are definitely not Asian origin).  Crypts in general would have potential for overlapping origin with Betta species.

A page called “The Crypt Pages” has origins of the most complete list I’ve found.  You could double check them for origin with your Betta species (I’m assuming you have B. splendens since that’s the most common in the trade).  There are certainly other Asian plants that would be appropriate, Crypts are just the first that come to mind and have a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

When you search for Betta biotope plants, be careful and cross check plant origins.  I just saw a list that had several non-Asian plants on it for a Betta “biotope”.  If you want to stay as true as possible for Betta splendens, you’ll want Thailand origin plants.

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