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Algae Types as Water Parameter Indicators

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Is there any information about reading the different types of algae that may or may not be growing in a tank to decipher issues with or certain parameters in a tank? I run CO2 in one of my tanks and I am unsure if I have certain deficiencies in either CO2 levels or mineral levels in the tank. Are there certain algaes that are prone to growing if, for example, there isn't enough CO2 in the tank vs not enough fertilizer for the plants given a certain CO2 level? I have an indicator in the tank all the time and the color is always the same on it, so I'm fairly certain the CO2 levels aren't fluctuating, but I seem to get a new type of algae in the tank every time I do a water change. Sometimes its like a hair algae, sometimes a blue/green color, sometimes dark brown or black. I would like to figure out what mineral additives, fertilizers, or CO2 adjustments I can make once I see these to keep them from completely covering my plants. Hopefully what I'm saying makes sense?

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