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Hello! So I’m going to get a QT setup and ordering the med trio in bit. I saw what Cory said in one of his videos about using it for preventative treatment when getting new fish and was wondering if this works well for everyone?


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I personally quarantine and observe for a month. If I see any signs I treat for the specific symptoms if no signs I don’t medicate at all. My concerns are medicating unnecessarily and introducing antibiotic resistant organism to my tanks because the trio is not a full strength dose. The trio works for a lot of folks and my understanding is relatively safe. If you choose to do the trio wait and feed them up to regain the fat stores they list and allow them to recover from shipping stress because medication even mild is stressful to fish. Combining the shipping stress new environment stress and med stress immediately is a bit much on fish in my opinion. Also if you medicate continue to feed generously once complete and give them enough time to de stress and regain their fat stores as introducing them to their permanent home is another stressor. Stress lowers natural immune functions and opens them to opportunistic infection etc. Best of luck either way you choose I’m not saying either way is right or wrong that’s just my opinion and method. there are many correct methods of quarantine.  Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new family members. 

Also add extra airstones through medication as meds allow for less dissolved oxygen and recently shared o2 studies affects on meds by a forum member indicated higher oxygen levels increase a fishes natural immune function and medication effectiveness. 

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