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Scarlet Temple...

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Lucky duck!  I tried a scarlet temple once... it did not go well lol.  Beautiful plant!

I usually don't trim my plants unless there's dead material that needs to be removed, especially if there is a lot of room.  If you have space, I vote to let it go for a while... who knows, maybe it will propagate for you!

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I love this plant. But it is also a big frustration. I keep hard water. It is the plant that looks amazing most of the time, but always seems susceptible to anything going wrong. It seems to be the weakest link as far as algae growth goes. This is usually the first plant to get it and the last plant to be free of it. I find that the lower leaves that are older start to become susceptible to rot or algae or simply developing holes.

I wish you more luck than I had. Any gains I get seem ruined by having to trim bad sections off later. I'll keep trying though. That red foil on the leaves just looks too good.

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