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What plants? 30g apisto tank


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I’m bringing home a 30 gallon tank on Tuesday and I want to order plants and get it started off on the right foot. My other tanks have a random assortment of plants, but I want this tank to be cohesive and look really nice. 
Any suggestions for plants on each section of the tank? I plan having a pair of apostogrammas and some other community fish. 

and if I can order it all from the coop that would be fantastic, since I have to get other items as well. 

thank you!

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Here are a couple photos...

This is just some model tank someone set up. I like the way that the substrate is left somewhat open for sifters like Apistos to nibble through. I always prefer to keep my plants back, and allow certain hardscape items and smaller pieces stand forward a bit.


With this set up, your Apistos will move in and out among the plants. Co-Op has loads of plants comparable to this set up. Just check out the options in stock here. Amazon Sword, Red Melon sword, Dwarf Sagittaria, Scarlet temple, Water Sprite, etc.

I also like the way that this "Bay of Bengal Biotope" entry from GSAS 2019 home show looks.


Your Apistos could enjoy a similar set up, with a balance between open areas of substrate and planted regions.


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